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VS10WC2DS 2D System Cleaver Scientific Complete Mini Wide 2-D System comprising: 1x omniPAGE Mini Wide Vertical Unit which includes: 2x4mm thick notched glass plates, 2x4mm thick plain glass plates with 1mm thick bonded spacers, 1x dummy plate, 2x combs (1mm thick 24 samples), 1x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack 12 months Cleaver-Scientific_Gel-Electrophoresis-2D-Systems_Omnipage-Mini.pdf ? £1209.00 £770.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK

Additional information

Type Mini Wide
Gel width 20 cm
Gel length 10 cm
Casting base included Yes

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Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. VS10WC2DS


VS10WDCI Insert Cleaver Scientific gel tube mini wide omniPAGE - including 100 glass tubes

? £401.00 £259.00

MCT101.5 Tubes Cleaver Scientific mini capillary 1.5mm internal diameter - Pack of 10

? £93.00 £70.00

MCT10 Tubes Cleaver Scientific mini capillary 1mm internal diameter - Pack of 10

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VS10WDC Unit Cleaver Scientific tube mini wide omniPAGE

? £777.00 £496.00

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