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K-MSC1200 Monmouoth Scientific special offer - Class II microbiological safety cabinet Monmouth Scientific Guardian MSC1200 working width 1120mm, with motorised sliding sash, three fans, power consumption of 0.15kW and noise level of 54dB when running, for recirculating applications, includes a UV light. OFFER ENDS 10-04-2020 60 months Monmouth-Scientific_Class-II-cabinets_MSC1200.pdf ? £8114.00 £5574.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 0.150kW
Ecological Features ECO mode whereby all the non-essential functions of the cabinet will switch off during a period of inactivity.

Additional information

Working width 1120 mm
Front closure Motorised sliding sash
Number of fans 3
Max power draw 0.15 kW
Noise level 54 dB
VHP ports? Yes
Ducted or recirc-ulating Recirculating
Angled HEPA filter? No
Side Walls Glass
Warranty 5 Years
Manual Monmouth-Scientific_Class-II-cabinets_MSC1200.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. K-MSC1200


K-MSC12ST Base Stand Monmouth Scientific for MSC1200 - Popular accessory

? £513.00 £393.00

MON003-POU Delivery to point of use assuming unrestricted access - Popular accessory

? £0.00 £0.00

K-MSC1200-2HEF Filter Monmouth Scientific second HEPA exhaust, for MSC1200 - Popular accessory

? £591.00 £452.00

MON003-COMM01 Installation and commissioning (including KI testing) of MSC800 or MSC1200 - Popular accessory

? £986.00 £565.00

K-MSC1200-CEFAB Filter Box Monmouth Scientific carbon exhuast, factory fit option for MSC1200

? £4106.00 £3107.00

K-MSC12UPS Power Supply Monmouth Scientific uninterrupted, for MSC1200

? £1115.00 £847.00

K-MSC1200-ABV Valve Monmouth Scientific anti-blowback, for connection to external ductwork, for MSC1200

? £513.00 £393.00

K-MSC-GS Valve Monouth Scientiic gas

? £303.00 £235.00

K-MSC-NS Valve Monouth Scientiic Nitrogen

? £303.00 £235.00

K-MSC-VS Valve Monouth Scientiic vacuum

? £303.00 £235.00

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