Microfuges - Hettich - Mikro 200R

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GB-C2405 Microfuge Hettich Mikro 200R requires rotor for 1.5/2ml x 30, minumum tube volume 0.2ml, maximum tube volume 2ml, maximum g force 21,382, minimum temperature -10 degs C, maximum temperature 40 degs C, no run counter. 24 months Hettich_Microfuge_Mikro_200_200R.pdf ? £5114.25 £3776.28

This product is approved by the UK public sector under framework LAB5028 LU and is currently being evaluated for agreement LAB1021 AP. Further details can be obtained by searching the internet on "General Laboratory Equipment LAB5028 LU".

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer European
Max. Power Draw 0.400kW
Ecological Features Unit features an energy efficient induction drive motor.

Additional information

Rotor included No
Min tube volume 0.2 ml
Max tube volume 2 ml
Max tube capacity 30
Max g force 21382 g
Min temp -10 °C
Max temp 40 °C
Run counter No
Temp display Yes
Rotors suitable for pre cooling available Yes
Manual Hettich_Microfuge_Mikro_200_200R.pdf


GB-A2423 Lid Hettich for rotors no. A2424, A2430 and A1420 with bio-containment, autoclavable, phenol-resistant - Popular accessory

? £273.85 £204.13

GB-A2023 Adapter Hettich insert for carrier no. 1420-B for 1 x 0.5-0.8ml microtubes diameter 8 x 30-45mm

? £71.12 £59.56

GB-A2024 Adapter Hettich insert for carrier no. 1689-A for 6 x 0.2-0.4ml microtubes diameter 6 x 18-45mm

? £71.12 £59.56

GB-A2031 Insert Hettich for 1.5ml microtubes, diameter 10.2 x 19mm

? £72.99 £60.90

GB-A2425 Lid Hettich for rotor no. 1024, 1420, 2424 and 2430

? £201.91 £152.83

GB-A2426-B Rotor Hettich angle 20-place for cryo tubes

? £646.54 £477.39

GB-A2427-A Rotor Hettich angle 30-place for 0.2-2.0ml

? £588.14 £434.27

GB-A2430-B Rotor Hettich angle 30-place for 0.5ml tubes

? £588.14 £434.27

GB-A2418-A Rotor Hettich angle 4-place for 0.2ml 8-tube strip PCR

? £524.71 £387.44

GB-A2078 Vessel Hettich microtubes 1.5ml diameter 11 x 38mm, pack of 1000

? £105.68 £84.21

GB-A0536 Vessel Hettich reaction tube 2ml, pack of 1000

? £154.27 £118.86

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