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C2006 Centrifuge benchtop Centurion Scientific PrO-Analytcal C2006 for medium capacity cell culture applications, minimum tube size 5ml, maximum tube size 50ml, maximum g force 3800, min temperature 26°C, max temperature 26°C, run counter, no rotor included 36 months Centurion_Scientific_centrifuges_benchtop_C2006.pdf ? £965.28 £762.73

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Min tube volume 5 ml
Max tube volume 50 ml
Max g force 3800
Min temperature 26 °C
Max temperature 26 °C
For general purpose use No
For cell culture - low capacity use No
For cell culture - medium capacity use Yes
For cell culture - high capacity use No
For cytology - CSF use No
For cytology - urine use No
For microplates No
For serum/plasma use No
Run counter Yes
Rotor included No
Manual Centurion_Scientific_centrifuges_benchtop_C2006.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. C2006


RM15 Reducers Centurion Scientific for rotor BRK5206, BRK5208 and BRK5308, 15ml, maximum tube size 17x120mm, pack of 4

? £84.07 £72.37

RM25 Reducers Centurion Scientific for rotor BRK5208 and BRK5308, 25ml, maximum tube size 25x100mm, pack of 4

? £84.07 £72.37

RM10 Reducers Centurion Scientific for rotor BRK5224 and BRK5324, 10ml, maximum tube size 16x100mm, pack of 4

? £84.07 £72.37

RM05 Reducers Centurion Scientific for rotor BRK5224 and BRK5324, 5ml, maximum tube size 13x80mm, pack of 4

? £84.07 £72.37

BRK5406 Rotor Centurion for 6 x 50ml tubes dimensions 30 x 120 mm

? £388.07 £308.36

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