Top Pan Balances - Sartorius - Cubis MSE20201S

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MSE20201S-000-D0 Balance top pan Sartorius Cubis MSE20201S 20200g capacity, 0.1g readability, internal calibration, pan dimension 400w x 300d mm 24 months Sartorius_Balances-top-pan_Cubis_MSE20201S.pdf ? £4655.09 £4164.53

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer European
Max. Power Draw 0.002kW

Additional information

Max capacity 20200 g
Readability 0.1 g
Type of calibration Internal
Pan width 400 mm
Pan depth 300 mm
Pan diameter 0 mm
Touch screen No
Guided levelling Yes
Stabalization time 1.5 secs
Verified No
Manual Sartorius_Balances-top-pan_Cubis_MSE20201S.pdf


YRD03Z Additional display Sartorius LCD, figure size 13mm, backlit

? £266.17 £260.37

YDO01MS-B Bluetooth data interface Sartorius for wireless connection of data printer YDP10BT

? £174.79 £172.99

YDK02MS Density determination kit Sartorius for solids and liquids for weighing modules with a readability of 1 mg

? £788.02 £754.74

YCC01-MSED3 Display cable Sartorius 3m for Cubis MSE models, for separate setup of display and weighing unit (installation by Sartorius Service or ex works [order VF4016])

? £163.79 £162.67

YPE01RC Foot switch Sartorius for functions draft shield, open/closed (in combination with DA and DI draft shields only), tare, and print

? £457.87 £442.35

YFS01 Foot switch Sartorius for printing, taring, or using function keys, selection via menu, including T connector

? £266.17 £260.37

YHS01MS Infrared sensor Sartorius for touch-free activation of functions (e.g., draft shield control)

? £153.00 £153.00

YIB01-0DR Ionization blower Sartorius to eliminate electrostatic charges on sample containers and samples

? £1215.80 £1160.83

YAC01MSA MSA control unit Sartorius with color TFT graphic display and touch screen

? £2002.76 £1907.88

YAC01MSE MSE display unit Sartorius with backlit LC display and tactile keys

? £605.41 £581.39

YAC01MSU MSU display and control unit Sartorius with backlit b | w graphic display and tactile navigation keys

? £1286.43 £1227.88

YCP04MS Pipette calibration kit Sartorius hardware, for models with 0.1 mg and 0.01 mg readability, consists of moisture trap and all required adapters

? £770.59 £711.01

YAPP04 Pipette check light Sartorius V1. pipette testing according to ISO 8655 for MSA display

? £331.01 £331.01

YWP03MS Q-Grid Sartorius grid weighing pan for Cubis models with 10 mg or 100 mg readability for weighing in laboratory hoods, safety weighing cabinets, or workbenches (smaller areas exposed to draft on the weighing pan; replaces the standard weighing pan)

? £1316.70 £1256.62

YBR04PS2 QR/barcode reader Sartorius with connection cable

? £943.40 £902.24

YDO01MS-P RS-232C data interface Sartorius 9-pin including PS/2 for connecting a PC or keyboard

? £174.79 £172.99

YDO01MS-R RS-232C data interface Sartorius, 25-pin for connection of Cubis accessories

? £174.79 £172.99

YSTP01 Stat-Pen ionization probe Sartorius for discharging electrostatically charged samples and filters

? £1225.89 £1170.40

YDH01MS Support arm Sartorius for 10/100 mg precision weighing modules for raising MSE, MSU, and MSA display and control units

? £310.81 £301.74

YDH02MS Support arm Sartorius for precision weighing modules with 100 mg/1 g readability and weighing capacity > 20 kg for raising MSE, MSU, and MSA display and control units

? £332.00 £321.85

YDP10-0CE Verifiable data printer Sartorius for connection to RS-232, 25-pin, accessory interface

? £593.06 £570.68

YDP10BT-0CE Verifiable data printer Sartorius with bluetooth data transmission (with YDO01MS-B or IB option only)

? £593.06 £570.68

YSW02 Wedge for Windows Sartorius software for data communication between balance and PC

? £401.53 £401.53

YWP01MS Weighing pan Sartorius antistatic, diameter 130mm, for weighing modules with a readability of 0.1 mg or 0.01 mg

? £186.70 £184.16

641214 Weighing scoop Sartorius made from chrome nickel steel, 90 + 32 + 8 mm

? £109.60 £109.60

YWT03 Weighing table Sartorius made from synthetic stone, with vibration dampening

? £1901.08 £1861.91

YWT09 Weighing table Sartorius made from wood with synthetic stone for precise, reliable measurements

? £1749.74 £1718.24

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