Balance Enclosures and Powder Weighing Cabinets - Air Science Technologies - Purair Basic P5-24RX

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P5-24RX Wolf special offer - Balance enclosure/powder weighing cabinet Air Science Technologies Purair Basic P5-24RX no HEPA filtration, audible and visual alarms, with internal illumination, suitable for use with balances with a draft shield, working dimensions 600w x 610d x 600h mm, requires 1x filter OFFER ENDS 28-02-2020 24 months Air-Science_Balance-enclosures-and-powder-weighing-cabinets_PurAir.pdf ? £2466.00 £1925.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer Outside of Europe
Max. Power Draw 0.022kW

Additional information

HEPA filtration Optional
Audible alarm Yes
Visual alarm Yes
Internal illumination Yes
Suitable for use with balances with draft shield? Yes
Working width 600 mm
Working depth 610 mm
Working height 600 mm

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Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. P5-24RX


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