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TC/200/F1 LTE Scientific special offer - Autoclave LTE Touchclave-Lab F user programmable, suitable for liquids, no vacuum air removal, no autofill, 200l capacity, usable width 500mm, usable height 600mm, usable depth 660mm, no data output OFFER ENDS 13-12-2019 12 months LTE_Autoclaves_Touchclave_Lab_F_and_Lab_K.pdf ? £25432.61 £20850.14

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 19.500kW

Additional information

Type Floor standing
Capacity 200 l
Suitable for liquids? Yes
User program-mable Yes
Loading Front
Autofill Optional
Vacuum air removal Optional
Number of chambers 1
Heat source required No
Chamber shape Rectangular
Usable width 500 mm
Usable height 600 mm
Usable depth 660 mm
Usable diameter 0 mm
Heating method Electric (in chamber)
Max run temperature 137 °C
Automatic door opening No
Sliding door Yes
Temperature and pressure gauges included Yes
Data output Optional - see accessories
Disinfection type Steam
Assisted air cooling No
Suitable for laboratory use Yes
Suitable for dental use No
Suitable for medical use No
Suitable for beauty/tattoo use No
Manual LTE_Autoclaves_Touchclave_Lab_F_and_Lab_K.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. TC/200/F1


TC/AIR/01 Air ballast system LTE uses existing compressed air supply

? £561.78 £513.36

TC/AIR/02 Air ballast system LTE with uprated internal air compressor

? £1156.84 £1057.14

TC/AFP/01 Armour-flex probe upgrade LTE to replace standard load probe

? £132.55 £123.46

TC/ADD/01 Auto drain for chamber water LTE

? £600.10 £548.38

TC/ALR/01 Automatic leak-rate cycle LTE

? £597.08 £545.62

TC/200/F7 Automatic water-fill and condensate unit LTE for Touchclave Lab F 200l

? £2779.64 £2540.07

TC/BAS/02 Basket LTE size 2, 230h x 430w x 315d mm

? £239.85 £229.47

TC/FIL/01 Cat 3 effluent retention upgrade LTE including 0.2 micron exhaust

? £1535.06 £1402.76

TC/CR3/01 Chart recorder LTE independent, 3 pen, with 1 pressure channel

? £2604.15 £2379.71

TC/VFC/01 Contacts LTE volt-free

? £202.85 £186.74

TC/VOL/03 Conversion to 60Hz power supply LTE for non vacuum models

? £870.40 £795.38

TC/VOL/04 Conversion to 60Hz power supply LTE for vacuum models

? £1261.73 £1152.99

TC/MOR/02 Discard box LTE Morrison, size 2, 230h x 430w x 315d mm

? £451.65 £423.01

TC/MEM/01 Increased cycle memory LTE increases to 20 programmes

? £885.53 £809.21

TC/LCT/02 Loading/carriage trolley LTE for 200l models

? £1639.95 £1498.61

TC/KWF/01 Media keep warm facility LTE

? £596.07 £544.70

TC/MOD/01 Modem link LTE

? £1349.48 £1233.17

TC/200/F6 Pre/post vacuum system, auto water fill and condensate unit for LTE Touchclave Lab F 200l

? £3677.27 £3360.34

TC/200/F2 Pre/post vacuum, water jacket, auto water fill and condensate unit LTE for Touchclave Lab F 200l

? £5305.12 £4847.89

TC/INK/01 Printer LTE ink

? £837.12 £764.97

TC/PAN/02 Stainless steel panelwork LTE

? £1583.47 £1447.00

TC/TDP/01 Thermal Paper Printer

? £823.00 £752.06

TC/200/F4 Water jacket, auto water fill and condensate unit LTE for Touchclave Lab F 200l

? £4414.54 £4034.06

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