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ASB300 Autoclave Astell Scientific Swiftlock user programmable, suitable for liquids, no vacuum air removal, no autofill, 344l capacity, usable depth 1085mm, usable diameter 600mm, no printer included, data logger included (replaces ASB300BT) 12 months Astell-Scientific_Autoclaves_ASB.pdf ? £19450.49 £16730.78

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 16.000kW

Additional information

Application Laboratory
Type Floor standing
Capacity 344 l
Suitable for liquids? Yes
User program-mable Yes
Loading Front
Autofill Optional
Vacuum air removal Optional
Number of chambers 1
Heat source required No
Chamber shape Round
Usable width 0 mm
Usable height 0 mm
Usable depth 1085 mm
Usable diameter 600 mm
Heating method Electric (in chamber)
Max run temperature 138 °C
Automatic door opening No
Sliding door No
Temperature and pressure gauges included Yes
Printer included? Optional
Data logger included? Yes

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AAP006 Assisted air cooling Astell Scientific non-vacuum models only. Please note - for the Duaclave range (all part codes ending DV) you would need to order 2 x AAP006 as these units feature two sterilizing chambers. - Popular accessory

? £418.42 £365.90

AAN318 Additional shelf kit Astell Scientific front loading 8 9 10

? £734.33 £643.38

AAP100 Advanced water cooling Astell Scientific for front loading models only

? £1935.81 £1698.39

AVC004 Air ballast Astell Scientific

? £554.53 £484.82

AAP018 Autodrain Astell Scientific Automatically drains any water left in the chamber at the end of the cycle to the drain (Approx water temp is 100°C, so AAN420 option recommended) Note: AAP019 Autofill should also be ordered in conjunction with AAP018.

? £483.95 £420.79

AAP019 Autofill Astell Scientific The Autofill option automatically maintains adequate water level within the chamber. This is a fully automatic system. The unit is readily connected to the water supply via a 1.5m flexible hose (supplied).

? £1058.64 £928.80

AVC002L Basic Vacuum Astell Scientific For heaters in chamber models. Pre and post vacuum for the ASB280BT,ASB290BT and ASB300BT. (Not available with Integral Steam generator option). Includes drain cooler.

? £3621.24 £3161.99

AAN080 Container tray Astell Scientific (279x279x127mm) for front loading models only

? £299.29 £263.24

AAR122 Ethernet interface Astell Scientific

? £221.44 £196.10

AAN420 Exhaust heat exchange system Astell Scientific

? £1028.40 £896.45

AAQ525 External Air Compressor required for models with Air Ballast

? £1340.95 £1170.88

AJP152 External vessel heating Astell Scientific for front loading models only

? £3231.39 £2817.43

AAQ503 Integral air compressor Astell Scientific

? £1028.40 £896.45

AAR130 Integral data printer Astell Scientific

? £882.20 £768.39

AAP102 Internal convection fan Astell Scientific cooling for front loading models only

? £5192.40 £4528.01

IQ/OQ001 IQ/OQ documents Astell Scientific

? £892.29 £777.54

AAR014 Load sensed process timing Astell Scientific

? £368.00 £322.86

AAN300 Morrison discard container Astell Scientific (290x330x280mm)

? £704.08 £615.93

AAN009 Pulsar free steaming Astell Scientific non-vacuum models only

? £221.44 £196.10

AAR120 RS232 interface Astell Scientific

? £221.44 £196.10

AAW002 Water softener Astell Scientific (separate tank)

? £2266.84 £1978.91

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