Autoclaves - Rodwell - Sapphire 330E VAC

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SAP105 Autoclave Rodwell Sapphire 330E VAC user programmable, suitable for liquids, vacuum air removal, no autofill, 330l capacity, usable width 670mm, usable height 670mm, usable depth 633mm, no printer included, no data logger included 12 months Rodwell_Autoclave_Sapphire_Direct_Steam_and_Electric.pdf ? £45023.44 £41743.09

This product is approved by the UK public sector. Details can be obtained by searching the internet on "General Laboratory Equipment LAB5028 LU".

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK

Additional information

Application Laboratory
Type Floor standing
Capacity 330 l
Suitable for liquids? Yes
User program-mable Yes
Loading Front
Autofill No
Vacuum air removal Yes
Number of chambers 1
Heat source required No
Chamber shape Rectangular
Usable width 670 mm
Usable height 670 mm
Usable depth 633 mm
Usable diameter 0 mm
Heating method Electric steam generator
Max run temperature 138 °C
Automatic door opening No
Sliding door Yes
Temperature and pressure gauges included Yes
Printer included? No
Data logger included? Optional

No manual is currently available for this item.

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