Leader of the Pack! MXPC 303 Z vacuum system from Welsh.

Leader of the Pack!
MXPC 303 Z vacuum system from Welsh.

The Vacuum Pump System MXPC Series is suitable for applications for distillation and evaporation of solvents. It finds its use in laboratories or industry, specifically for pumping aggressive gases and vapours.


- Perfect for lab vacuum, quiet and very low vibration
- Extra-long diaphragm life
- Superior chemical resistance
- Robust and reliable technology
- Manual pressure control with optional vacuum gauge

Top three benefits!
We have identified our favourite three highlights about this product that we think would be of great benefit to our customers.

1-     Outstanding performance
MXPC is fully chemically resistant against aggressive solvents and acidic vapours commonly used in chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories. With an inlet liquid separator, an efficient exhaust emissions condenser for near 100% solvent recovery, and a manual vacuum regulator to allow the user to effectively regulate vacuum levels, are also included.

2-     Simultaneous operation
MXPC has a dual inlet for flexible operation, two inlet ports so that two users can work from the same pump or the second inlet can be used to install the optional vacuum gauge.

3-     Compact design
The compact, modular design allows for minimal bench space usage along with quiet operation making it the ideal portable and smart solution for laboratories and chemical environments globally.


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