4 Water Purification Tips in Line with Sustainability

4 Water Purification Tips in Line with Sustainability

Wolflabs is committed to halve carbon emissions by 2030, and as many other companies look at ways they can be more sustainable, we have four tips on how to run your water purification system more sustainably.


  1. Water purification systems will only perform at their peak when supported by routine cleaning and maintenance. Also, bacterial build-up can seriously reduce component life and system performance. Our advice is therefore that you should install a routine cleaning and maintenance protocol once the system is installed.

  2. Don’t sanitize too often. System sanitization must be available but only needs to be done as required to maintain specifications and to minimize filter changes; a rigid regime can be wasteful.

  3. Make intermittent circulation part of your regular routine. Recirculation of the purified water through the purification technologies is vital but power usage and water warming can be minimized by intermittent recirculation.

  4. You can clean and re-use filters to ensure less landfill waster. Point-of-use filters will need a brief flush to rinse them but point-of-use cartridges containing media are particularly environmentally poor as they are not part of a recirculation system and require extensive flushing with highly purified water before re-use.

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