Wolf Laboratories assists with an urgent appeal for surgical equipment for Ukraine

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, in February 2022, people from around the world have come together in a common cause to help those in need through humanitarian appeals and donations. Wolf Laboratories were recently approached by one of our customers at the University of Cambridge, Ukrainian born scientist Anastasia Tsyben, to help in any way possible and we were happy to get involved.

Anastasia began a fund-raising campaign to raise £10,000, and together with her team at Cambridge, has been working directly with doctors in Kiev to use this money for sourcing paediatric equipment to be shipped out to the country.

Since the start of the campaign, Anastasia has had an overwhelming response and has seen an outpour of generosity via personal and company donations. The money raised so far has already begun to go towards emergency supplies, with the purchase of medical aid, medication, baby food and hygiene products amongst other items, which have been donated to the charity Ukraine Lifeline.

Due to the success of the appeal, the first twenty-two-ton truck arrived in Ukraine at the end of March. The truck also carried 39 out-of-hospital birth bags from Baby LifeLine. These bags are filled with equipment to allow the safest of baby deliveries in difficult environmental circumstances such as bomb shelters and metros. These birthing kits cost approximately £1000 each and will be a vital piece of equipment for the estimated 80,000 women who are expected to give birth over the next three months.

Wolf Laboratories’ initial donation of £1,250 was only the beginning of our mission to help towards Anastasia to reach her target. We are now actively donating the first £1000 of profit from the sale of our Covid-19 lateral flow testing kits, with the money going directly to Anastasia.  

To purchase Covid-19 test kits from us to help with the appeal, click here.

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