Leader of the Pack Product Spotlight! OT-2 liquid handling robot from Opentrons

Leader of the Pack Product Spotlight! OT-2 liquid handling robot from Opentrons

The Opentrons OT-2 liquid handling robot and system is an easy to use, user- friendly hardware made specifically for scientists. It uses verified electronic pipettes that have been optimized for the OT-2, and custom hardware including a magnetic bead-based chemistry block, a heating and cooling block, a thermocycler, and a HEPA filtration system. It can help you automate all kinds of wetlab workflows from basic pipetting to complex workflows like NGS library preparation.


Single and 8-channel pipetting
1uL to  1000uL volume range
Delay and Pause functionality
11 deck slots enable countless configurations
USB and WIFI Connectivity
Integrated video camera and audio system

Top three benefits!
We have identified our favourite three highlights about this product that we think would be of great benefit to our customers.

1-     Performance and Speed  
The OT-2 robot is the fastest and most accurate model yet, with an accuracy of 15% at 1uL and precision of 5% at 1uL. It can fast fill a 96-well plate in just 22 seconds.

2-     Sterility
Although not a sterile environment, the OT-2 robot is fully polycarbonate enclosed, designed to limit exposure. The Opentrons HEPA Module enables you to run sensitive contamination-prone applications. It removes 99.99% of 0.3 um DNA-containing particulates and biological contaminants like bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms from the air, creating a clean work environment inside the OT-2.

3-     Flexible software
The Opentrons App is the easiest way to run your Python protocols. The app supports the latest versions of macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. Choose from free, beginner-friendly & advanced protocol controls , powerful cloud-based tools and unmatched control of nearly every aspect of your workflow.


For further information on the liquid handling robot and to request pricing, please either Click Here or call our Sales team on 01759 301142

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