Wolflabs to climb Mount Everest in their own homes

Here at Wolflabs, we are challenging ourselves to climb Mount Everest in just 5 days! Over the course of one week (11th-15th May) we will be completing a stage a day of the typical camp route for Mount Everest. For obvious reasons we cannot do this on the real Mount Everest, so instead will be scaling our stairs at home. We have calculated that 3,688 flights of a standard staircase is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. You can see below our camp route and the staff participating in each stage.

We are doing this to raise money for The People's PantryMind and Women's Aid. If you would like to help support us you can donate on our just giving page here. All donations are greatly appreciated no matter how big or small.

Throughout the week we will keep everyone posted on our progress through all our social media platforms, so make sure to give us a follow and support us throughout our journey to the top of Mount Everest!



1. To Base Camp 5,400m - 250 staircase ascents each
Sean Woodward
Georgina Barnett
Rachel Alexander-Pratt
Ebony Codling
Beata Kaczorowska
Lucy Eade
Chloe Walton
Bryony Underwood

2. To Icefall 5,800m 
Emma Jones - 250 staircase ascents

3. To Camp 1 (Valley of Silence) 6,250m 
Sophie Lambert - 200 staircase ascents

4 .To Camp 2 6,400m 
Sarah Rick - 150 staircase ascents
Georgina Barnett - 50 staircase ascents
Lucy Eade - 50 staircase ascents

5. To Camp 3 (Lhotse Wall) 7,400m 
Megan Allinson - 150 staircase ascents
Becca Craven - 50 staircase/ladder ascents
Samantha Hodsman - 109 staircase ascents
James Dempsey - 200 staircase ascents
Ammar Mansour - 200 staircase ascents

6. To Camp 4 (The Death Zone) 
David Suddaby - 250 staircase ascents

7. To The Summit 8,850m 
Jenny Foss - 29 staircase/ladder ascents


Would you like to challenge us?

Each ascent is being timed and after stage 7 has been completed, we will post our total time. If you and a group of friends or work colleagues would like to try and beat our time, whilst raising money for charities of your choice, please contact us for further information on how we put together our climb schedule.

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