Product Spotlight! Live Cell Imaging Systems from ioLight

Product Spotlight! Live Cell Imaging Systems from ioLight

The ioLight compact inverted microscope is a great option for those looking for compact microscopes to be used in C02 incubators. Allowing the user to check their samples without having to open the door. With easy connection to your phone, tablet or PC.


- View samples from below in petri dishes, well plates and flasks or on slides
- Can be left inside a CO2 incubator and sterilised
- 1 micron resolution for viewing cells
- Display images onto phone, tablet or computer without opening the door
- Instant sharing to colleagues anywhere
- Fast and simple to use
- Timelapse and remote view


Top three benefits!
We have identified our favourite three highlights about this product that we think would be of great benefit to our customers.

1- CO2 incubator
This product can be left inside the incubator for the duration of the experiment. ioLight’s wireless connection allows researchers to monitor the progress of their experiment without opening the chamber door and disturbing experimental conditions, reducing experimental errors.

2- Displays images onto phone, tablet or computer
The ioLight microscopes connect to the ioLight app, which is free to download from the Apple® or Google Play® app store, allowing you to connect and display live images on your phone, table or computer. Direct connection, no internet connection or router is required.

3-  Illumination
With top and bottom illumination, adjustable Top (trans) illumination modes: Brightfield; Low NA brightfield; High contrast brightfield; Darkfield and Digital phase contrast.


For further information on the Live Cell Imaging Systems and to request pricing, please either Click Here or call our Sales team on 01759 301142

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