Product Spotlight! Flow Cytometers from Sysmex Partec

Product Spotlight! Flow Cytometers from Sysmex Partec

The CyFlow range from Sysmex Partec are a compact range of flow cytometers. The range consists of the CyFlow Cube, CyFlow Ploidy and CyFlow Space.


Built-in PC and a TFT monitor (on models CyFlow Cube and Ploidy)
- Multiple optical parameters
- Highest precision and quality
- Benchtop design
- Easy to use acquisition software
- Start-up time < 5min


Top three benefits!
We have identified our favourite three highlights about this product that we think would be of great benefit to our customers.

1-  Compact & Robust 
The CyFlow range are all built with compact and space saving design in mind.

2-   Smart Software
The lasers can be individually turned off using the software, this preserves the life of the laser as well as saving energy.

3-  Precision and accuracy
The range prides itself in ensuring that cells and particles are analysed and counted with the highest possible precision and accuracy.

For further information on the Flow Cytometers and to request pricing, please either Click Here or call our Sales team on 01759 301142

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