Product Spotlight! Vivaspin Centrifuge Tubes from Sartorius


  • Enhanced performance and increased range of volume options.
  • Twin vertical membranes which allow increased filtration speed.
  • Universal rotor compatibility for ease of use.
  • Can achieve 100x plus concentrations.

Top three benefits!
We have identified our favourite three highlights about this product that we think would be of great benefit to our customers. 

1- Advanced monitoring
The concentration process can be monitored closely thanks to volume graduation, allowing for increased accuracy in experiments.

2- Features to improve user experience
A modified dead stop pocket has been designed to simplify pipetting of the final concentrate and reduce any sample loss.

3- Flexibility of use
This product offers a range of operational modes and accessories to tailor the process to your specific needs as well as being compatible with a wide variety of rotors.

For further information on the Vivaspin Centrifuge Tubes and to request pricing, please either click here or call our Sales team on 01759 301142.

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