Product Spotlight! MB120 Moisture Analyser Balances from Ohaus


  • SmartGuide function allows automatic sample analysis.
  • Production of fast, accurate and repeatable results.
  • Touchscreen display for ease of use
  • Four in-built drying profiles with uniform heating.

Top three benefits!
We have identified our favourite three highlights about this product that we think would be of great benefit to our customers.

1- SmartGuide Function
Suggests the optimal test for the sample being studied, saving time and optimising the method used.

2- Storage of up to 100 methods and 1000 results
Data storage allows previous findings to be found easily and the user management function ensures safe operation of the balance.

3- Halogen heating system and customizable shut-off criteriaThese features help to reduce the environmental impact of the unit as well as drying samples much more efficiently, allowing for rapid and accurate results.

For further information on the MB120 balance and to request pricing, please either click here or call our Sales team on 01759 301142.


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