Autoclaving Tips in Line with Sustainability

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Autoclaving Tips in Line with Sustainability 

Wolflabs is committed to halve carbon emissions by 2030, and as many other companies look at ways they can be more sustainable, we have three tips on how to run your autoclave more sustainably.

1. Don’t use plastic discard boxes. Although cheap and commonly available, plastic discard boxes insulate the loads the you are autoclaving and make your autoclave work harder.  

2. Leave autoclave bags open. Sealing your autoclave bag traps air which in turn causes areas of the load to not reach temperature. This results in failed cycles and runs having to be repeated.  

3. Check your cycle with a biological indicator. Many clients use the “overkill” approach to ensuring that waste loads are sufficiently autoclaved, however this can often result in much longer cycles than are actually required. Using a biological indicator on a shorter cycle will confirm how effective the shorter run is. If the B.I returns a negative result on a shorter cycle you will know that the shorter run time is suitable. This has been known to reduce a cycle by up to 50%!


For your smaller portable autoclave check out some more tips below:

1. Regularly check and clean the seals to to ensure less heat escapes, avoiding any wasted energy.

2. Using pure water in your machine will help to avoid build up of lime scale and will extend the life of your product.

3. Ensure care is taken when using your portable autoclave to avoid any damage. A damaged product will not run to its maximum efficiency and could be costing you higher running costs as a result. 


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