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Prize Draw - Winners

2017 Winner

The winner for the 2017 draw was Rosie Baverstock-West from University College London. Rosie is a Departmental Administrator for the IoN Department of Neurodegenerative Disease and also the UK Dementia Research Institute at the University.

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2016 Winner

The winner for the 2016 draw was Simon Giles from Cumbria University. Simon is a Senior Science Technician at the University.

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2015 Winner

The winner for the 2015 draw was Prupti Malde from East London University. Prupti is the Laboratory Manager in the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience.

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2014 Winner

The winner for the 2014 draw was Victoria Talbot from Harper Adams University. Victoria is the Laboratory Manager of the Princess Margaret Laboratories.

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2013 Winner

The winner for the 2013 draw was Ania Radziszewska from University College London. Ania works in the centre for adolescent rheumatology.

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2012 Winner

The winner for the 2012 draw was Daniel Thomas from Leeds University. Daniel is a Laboratory Manager in the School of Biomedical Sciences.

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2011 Winner

The winner for the 2011 draw was Vicky Millins from the National Institute for Medical Research.

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2010 Winner

The winner for the 2010 draw was Dr Jenny Waby from University of Hull. Dr Waby is a lecturer in Biomedical Science in the department of Biological Sciences.

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2009 Winner

The winner for the 2009 draw was Professor Wen Jiang from Cardiff University. Professor Jiang is a Professor of Surgery & Tumour Biology in the Department of Surgery, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

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2008 Winner

September's winner of the £1000 credit was Mr Peter Liepins from St Thomas's, part of Kings College, London. Mr Liepins was the Laboratory & Instrumentation Manager in the Interdisciplinary Medical Imaging Group (IMIG)

(Link: Mr Peter Liepins has since retired)

2007 Winner

The winner for this year’s April draw was Dr Adam Hurlstone from The University of Manchester. Dr Hurlstone is a researcher in tumour biology focussing on chemotherapy resistance in cancer and factors underlying malignant conversion.

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Dr Hurlstone used his £1,000 to buy an electrophoresis power pack, a media pipettor, a media aspiration system, a cryostorage dewar and have some equipment serviced. The average discount on his quotation was 25%.