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AAF1103-230SN Wolf special offer - Furnace Carbolite AAF 11/3 ashing chamber, horizontal sample orientation, 1 zone, MaxT 1100°C, 3l chamber capacity, single phase 220-240V power supply OFFER ENDS 28-02-2019 24 months Carbolite_furnaces_AAF11-3_AAF11-7_AAF11-18_AAF12-18_NEW.pdf ? £2031.10 £1878.60

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 2.100kW
Ecological Features The Carbolite furnaces are very well insulated, mostly using low thermal mass materials, which helps provide better efficiency than older products whi

Additional information

Type Ashing chamber
Sample orientation Horizontal
Door style Slide up
Number of zones 1
MinT 750 °C
MaxT 1100 °C
Chamber capacity 3 l
Split tube No
Heated tube length 0 mm
Maximum outer diameter of tube 0 mm
Integral work tube No
Mixing function No
Number of electrical phases 1
Voltage 230
Manual Carbolite_furnaces_AAF11-3_AAF11-7_AAF11-18_AAF12-18_NEW.pdf

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