Rhubarb Solutions/Technical Seating TC302ESD Laboratory Chairs

Laboratory Chairs - Rhubarb Solutions/Technical Seating - TC302ESD

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TC302ESD This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for the closest replacement - Wolf special offer - Laboratory chair Rhubarb Solutions/Technical Seating TC302ESD black vinyl, bench / desk height, HEPA filter, low back rest, glides and antistatic OFFER ENDS 28-02-2018
This part number has been discontinued.
72 months Tract_Technochair_Chairs.pdf ? £0.00 £0.00

This product is approved by the UK public sector under framework LAB5028 LU and is currently being evaluated for agreement LAB1021 AP. Further details can be obtained by searching the internet on "General Laboratory Equipment LAB5028 LU".

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK

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Material Vinyl
Lift (height) Bench / Desk
HEPA filter Yes
Back rest Low
Glides or castors Glides
Antistatic? Yes

No manual is currently available for this item.

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10021 Castors Rhubarb Solution/Technical Seating Electro Static Display brake loaded castors, soft tyre. N.B. all bench height chairs are fitted with glides as standard. For health and safety reasons we do not recommend fitting castors to chairs on which users do not have their feet on the floor. If castors are essential brake loaded should be used for all applications we are aware of.

? £115.49 £79.66


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LAB1021 AP framework - TC302ESD

This product is currently being evaluated for framework agreement LAB1021 AP as it has the following minimum requirements.
  • A variety of heights and sizes for different applications
  • A degree of height adjustment to provide ergonomic working conditions for laboratory workers.
  • Chemically resistant bench top (typically melamine laminate on 18mm board) with joints and edges that prevent the ingress of liquids into the substratum of the bench (drip edges/grooves & raised lips)
  • Heavy duty frames with a corrosion resistant coating
  • Sufficient access for the legs of the operative when sitting at the bench