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SS-6000 Wolf special offer - Microfuge SciQuip MICRO includes rotor for 1.5/2.2ml x 12 (SQ-6010), minumum tube volume 0.2ml, maximum tube volume 2ml, maximum g force 15,000, minimum temperature 26 degs C, maximum temperature 26 degs C, no run counter OFFER ENDS 26-08-2018 24 months Sigma__Microfuge_SciSpin_MICRO.pdf ? £826.01 £541.07

This product is approved by the UK public sector under framework LAB5028 LU and is currently being evaluated for agreement LAB1021 AP. Further details can be obtained by searching the internet on "General Laboratory Equipment LAB5028 LU".

Environmental Performance

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Rotor included Yes
Min tube volume 2 ml
Max tube volume 2 ml
Max tube capacity 12
Max g force 15000 g
Min temp 26 °C
Max temp 26 °C
Run counter Yes

No manual is currently available for this item.

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LAB1021 AP framework - SS-6000

This product is currently being evaluated for framework agreement LAB1021 AP as it has the following minimum requirements.
  • A lid interlock system that prevents user access to the rotor whilst it is in motion and prevents the rotor turning whilst the lid is open
  • The rotor bowl, lid and external casing must be sufficiently robust to be able to contain the rotor and all samples therein in the event a rotor or drive spindle failure
  • A variable speed controller with a controllable rotor speed range of 1,000rpm to 12,000rpm as a minimum
  • An adjustable timer to control the duration of centrifugation with a minimum range of 0 to 15 minutes (This model is 30 seconds to 99 minutes or continuous)
  • A hold feature to allow continuous operation of the machine independent of the timer
  • Straightforward, intuitive controls requiring the minimum of training
  • Legible digital display(s) capable of showing set time and speed and actual time and speed
  • A range of interchangeable rotors , as a minimum, 12 x 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes or 12 x 0.75ml microcentrifuge tubes
  • Rotor imbalance detection and warning
  • Over speed detection and warning
  • Electrical operation from a 230 volt, AC (50hz), power supply with a three-pin plug top to BS1363