Portable Balances - Ohaus - Traveler TA301

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72202484 Wolf special offer - Balance portable Ohaus TA301 Traveler max capacity 300g, readability 0.1g, external calibration, pan diameter 120mm OFFER ENDS 20-03-2019 24 months Ohaus_Balance_Traveler_Series.pdf ? £175.40 £115.56

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer European

Additional information

Max capacity 300 g
Readability 0.1 g
Pan width 0 mm
Pan depth 0 mm
Pan diameter 120 mm
Type of calibration External
Touch screen No
Guided levelling No
Stabalization time 3 secs
Manual Ohaus_Balance_Traveler_Series.pdf


80500572 Adaptor Ohaus printer cable for SRP275 for Scout Pro, Traveler and Navigator requires RS232 interface kit - Popular accessory

? £63.52 £53.59

80251998 Ink ribbon Ohaus for SRP275 printer

? £57.09 £49.56

83032107 Kit Ohaus RS232 interface for Scout Pro, Traveler and Navigator

? £80.17 £63.89

80251997 Paper roll Ohaus for SRP275 printer

? £53.37 £47.28

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