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Much like laboratory equipment in a glass washer, wolves are very comfortable in the water, and do not hesitate to wade through icy streams or swim across short stretches of lake. In summer, wolves often bathe in streams to keep cool, and will happily follow prey into the water. Luckily for a scientist their equipment doesn't have fur or the need to run around looking for prey. It can just be washed with Wolflabs great range of glass washers which are now on special offer!

Glass Washers - Laboratory

We would like to thank Ashley Grimmer from Cambridge University for the fun fact. The Janauary product category will be refrigeration. Can you think of a fun fact that links refrigeration with wolves that can be made funny (or even remotely funny)? If we use your fun fact, we will be happy to send you a £50 gift voucher from a shop of your choice as thanks. Entries need to be received before 23rd December 2019.
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