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Arctic mammals such as grey wolves need to be well adapted to live in the cold Arctic as they travel on the snow and ice hunting for prey. They are well prepared for this lifestyle as they are able to maintain their foot temperature just above the tissue freezing point (which is about -1°C). Grey wolves can even maintain their foot temperature when their foot is immersed in a -35°C bath in a laboratory setting. When the wolf’s foot pad is exposed to a cold environment such as the Artic, blood flow increases in the legs through regulated vasodilation in the foot pad. Initially, vasodilation will accelerate heat loss due to increased blood flow, but when the temperature difference between the foot pads and the surface stabilises, continual heat loss is prevented meaning the wolf has a nice warm body despite being in the cold. Proportional thermoregulation stabilizes the temperature of wolf’s foot pad to a precision of ± 0.7°C (largest deviations). Is your water bath as precise as a wolf’s foot pad? If not, check out the wide range of water baths we have on special offer. Good thermoregulation in the paws has saved lives of many wolves, and a good water bath can save many of your experiments in the lab!

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